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Owned by Mezey Holdings, Corp. and founded by number one industry rated young gun superstar branding agent Mr. Barry Mezey as voted by Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, Sports Business Daily, Tennis-Prose.Com, TheBioFile.Com, journalist and sports writer Scoop Malinowski when Barry was twenty six years old SMG has emerged as the worldwide premier boutique agency in the sports and celebrity brand management business. Barry and his staff have successfully procured and negotiated hundreds of lucrative contracts and engagements for various SMG clients over the last ten years since SMG inception in 2007, which, sets Barry and the SMG team apart from any other boutique-branding agency in the business. SMG was founded in 2007 and is a global recognized leader in innovation. We are the number one full-service boutique sports and celebrity brand management agency in the world dealing in the full aspects of worldwide sports and celebrity image management, marketing, personal branding, distribution, digital content, media, and consulting services. The SMG brand management team has a collective thirty years experience in sports and celebrity management and at SMG we work with worldwide leading brands to help leverage your brand and or advertising campaign to create your unique brand identity while, using unique non-traditional methods, consistent personable service, and the utmost creativity you will not find anywhere else in the sport and celebrity management industry. With our headquarters located in Miami, Florida SMG is a global force in the sport and celebrity image management, branding, and consulting services industry's as we can cover large territories globally while, still remaining boutique with a global team of highly successful, experienced, fully trained, and knowledgeable industry experts to help take your brand to the next level while, being located in the international sports and entertainment Mecca of international business. 

SMG is a revolutionary fresh new face, management firm using a very personable modern approach with client representation, personalized brand building, innovative outside the box thinking, product placement, sponsorships, creative techniques, individual marketing, niche industry consulting, and media services to our ever growing client roster. SMG provides unique services, which, no other brand and image management firm in the industry uses, offers or provides to its clients while, providing all of our clients with complete hands on and personalized attention around the clock with a creative edge. All SMG staff consultants and brand management agents are on call twenty-four hours a day seven days a week year round for our clientele, industry brand partners and specialize in their unique individual fields, which helps our clients maximize their full earning potential and rise to the top of their respective business industry, talent and or sport which, requires the best representation in the business. Do not be fooled by false promises and deception upfront that other firms in the industry use to gain clients while, we at SMG have a proven track record of success from the get go while, overcoming adversity and use our past experiences and adversity to help you make all your dreams a reality. In addition, SMG founder Barry Mezey relates to athletes and celebrities coming from diverse backgrounds extremely well and better than the larger global talent brand management firms due to the personal severe adversity, hardships, and struggles he has had to overcome throughout his childhood growing up a special needs individual with high functioning autism and a learning disability. SMG represents talent in the professional sports arena and celebrity industries while, working closely with the industry's top rising and established superstar athletes, celebrities, sports properties, events, championship tours, social influencers, leading global sports franchises, instagram models, sports federations, artist's, and brand partners on a daily basis. SMG is the worldwide, sport and celebrity branding and image management leader to the stars. Let SMG "bring out the superstar in you."


B1G B is a scripted docu-reality television show that is made to be obnoxiously funny, raunchy, and over the top. Please be advised Barry is not broke and does not live at home with his parents. Barry lives on his own in Coral Gables, FL. in a luxury community and splits his time between Miami, Coral Gables, Orlando, and his new oceanfront luxury residence in Tel - Aviv, Israel.