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Barry "B1G B" Mezey is the founder, of Superstar Management Group, Inc., Mezey Holdings, Corp., is a US civilian volunteer federal investigator, a volunteer United Nations ambassador from the NGO (FSPD), and is a informational reality and comedy television superstar following his daily life behind the scenes of the action as the world's only high-functioning Asperger-autistic business partner and nightlife appearance booking agent to the stars with the challenges he must overcome daily to succeed in triumph. Barry is also the great nephew of Milton Bagley WPP Group USA Division co-founder (Pace Advertising/ Rasor Communications) and is the fourth cousin of screen actors guild founder #5 and legendary Hollywood actor Noel Madison. Barry is now starting to be a background actor and is also a supporting actor in the Hollywood film industry as well now starting to co-star in major indie films, television series, commercials as well as doing reality television series cameos. In addition, Barry is an autism advocate who constantly fights daily for social acceptance, equal opportunities and to change the negative public perception of those with autism and or special needs. 

Barry is a true giver and is an advocate fighting for those who cannot speak for or advocate for themselves and spends a lot of time giving lectures on autism advocacy and helping mentor special needs and autistic individuals on how to be successful in business.  Barry's critically acclaimed new cutting edge reality and comedy television series can be found on Vimeo On Demand, Fandango Now, Pantaflix, and Amazon Prime Video. Teaser and outtake clips of B1G B can be found on YouTube Red exclusively through the B1GB TV YouTube channel and Disney's Maker TV Studios on their YouTube Channel. Barry is also, an entrepreneur creating unique signature brands. He collaborates with and or has direct access to over 1,000 of the world's top sports stars and celebrities through their representatives and works with many sports stars currently by creating, developing, implementing, distributing, advertising and marketing unique signature athlete and celebrity product lines in fashion, fragrances, skin care, accessory goods, supplements, health products, energy drinks,  fine wine labels, fine spirits labels and in the eyewear arena's as well as booking the hottest athlete parties on the planet featuring the elite 1% of sports stars only when he is contacted to do so.

Barry founded his reality and comedy television series "B1G B" to create informational awareness for those with Asperger's autism, bipolar disorder, Tourette's syndrome and other forms of mental illness while showing the world that people with disabilities can succeed in leading unique and normal daily lives while overcoming severe adversity. As an individual with mental illness and several cognitive disabilities, Barry felt the need to create a positive change and outlook for those who suffer from disabilities as well as social acceptance. Follow Barry, on his lows and highs, emotional roller coaster of Asperger's autism, Tourette's syndrome, bipolar disorder and a twist of obnoxious, over the top, hysterical, raunchy and highly entertaining humor. 

Barry is donating 50% of his personal net revenue profits on his show's fan merchandise and his personal unique brand's sales profits to mental illness and disabilities charities as well as 10% of his personal net profits on his show's television advertising and subscription membership profits to the Alex Seed Mental Health Fund at Rodef Shalom Temple (Pittsburgh, PA) for research and cures for mental illness a 501c3 Non-Profit under IRS tax guidelines and to FSPD a Florida non-profit NGO to help create opportunities, provide needed services and necessary programs for our nation's heroes in our veterans, law enforcement officers and first responder families with special needs family members. Season One of BIGB TV encompasses everything Miami and South Beach with flavor, fashion, food & wine, opulence, class, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, fashion and music in the hottest events, festivals, shows and concerts behind the scenes of the action with the industry's #1 individual boutique sports & celebrity nightlife appearance booking agent and business partner to the stars whose Asperger-autistic, suffers from Tourette's syndrome, is bipolar and nothing is off limits where many boundaries will be crossed and or tested. 

B1GB TV covers the hottest Israeli, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and South Beach events with sports, entertainment, fashion, and music informational format and controversial reporting. We also, film content worldwide for B1G B as well. B1G B is not a documentary type show in nature as we are formed as a completely legitimate tv series with a sports, tennis, music, fashion and entertainment format and controversial reporting. B1G B has been filmed at numerous worldwide events where we have always been invited back to as "media" and we always receive full access media credentials for every event we feature in our tv series and media commentary. Barry has been a regular weekly media, celebrity, comedy, and sports industry expert contributor to the Elisa Jordana podcast on spreecast, TMZ Live, The Gary & Dino Show, The New Era Podcast, KJAG Radio, the Anthony Rogers Show, Al Cole radio show on (CBS, Fox News, BBC, NPR, etc.) and The KC Armstrong radio show (WMAP Radio) on TuneIn radio online. Elisa Jordana and KC Armstrong are former major fixtures from the Howard Stern Show as former contributors and as former staff members of The Howard Stern Show. Barry is also the host and star of his own new upcoming hit podcast distributed by TuneCore.Com through iTunes, Spotify, I Heart Radio, Google Play, Amazon, TuneIn Radio, Etc with co-hosts and influential social media personalities such as Miggy from the smash hit YouTube channel MGTOW 101 with a combined 30 Million loyal fans and followers between the two of these mega personalities this is sure to be a massive new super venture for SMG. The Barry Mezey Show will be covering the sports, tennis, golf, fashion, music, comedy, entertainment, business, celebrity agency, current events, and creative industries along with conservative pro-Israel and pro-American political Judeo - Christian values talk radio commentary.

A Sample List Of My Accomplishments:

A few of our current and past powerhouse exclusive clients include: AC Milan, Real Federación Española de Polo, Paris Metropole Futsal, Rugby Ciencias, Brazilian Top Team, Team Bombsquad, American Top Team, Paulo Filho, Murilo Bustamante, Simon Pagenaud, Liga de Quito, Real Betis Balompié, Leander Paes, Lukas Dlouhy, Mahesh Bhupathi, Liga Dekmeijere, Ksenia Pervak, Shikha Uberoi, Sam Harrison, Alexus Jones, Kichenok Twins, Van Winitsky, Anna Tunnicliffe, Paige Railey, Zach Railey, Offense - Defense All-American Bowl, Leonard Marshall, Dave "The Hammer" Schultz, Zina Garrison, GiGi Fernandez, Conchita Martinez, Pat Cash, Tim Hardaway, Curt Schilling, Joey Licata Jr., Thomas Vernhes, DJ Mednas, Ridge Runner Band, Tracy Lear, Paola Corvea, Aubrey Aquino, Young Mo, Anthony Rogers, Tommy Dalton, Nycole Valentina, and solid exclusive corporate partnerships with sports marketing firms Wish You Were Here Productions and TMI Universal with SMG co-marketing names non-exclusively like: Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, Nolan Ryan, Don Sutton, Jim Rice, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, Dave Winfield, Reggie Jackson, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, David Cone, Goose Gossage, Kevin Garnett, John Wall, Miguel Cabrera, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Floyd Mayweather, Yasiel Puig, Robinson Cano, and over 1,000+ of the world's top athletes, celebrities, social influencers, models, sports federations, and sports franchises.

SMG also has exclusive corporate relationships with social influencer brands such as Local Choice Spirits, Rage On, Gear Launch, World Aloe Direct, Scenterprises, Hawkdigz, etc. SMG is also exclusively owns its own record label in Fuck Yeah Records which is distributed by TuneCore for our artist's as well as Create Space, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fandango Now, Orasi Media, Filmhub, Vimeo On Demand, Hulu, Netflix, Pantaflix, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, and much more for distribution of content in music, books, and, the digital streaming of video content. SMG also distributes its signature owned celebrity product lines worldwide thru Exporters India the largest B2B export website and platform in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America thru our holding company Mezey Holdings, Corp. (Florida Corporation) and is partnered with Etsy, Facebook, Rage On, Gear Launch, Amazon, and Alibaba Group for our owned product line brands. Visit: www.mezeyholdings.com to learn more. Please visit www.b1gb.com to learn about our hit reality tv series. Also, please visit www.exportersindia.com/mezey-holdings to purchase our brands in bulk buys.

I have successfully closed the below deals as well as many more contracts totalling a combined barter, monetary, monetary incentive, residual, or royalty value of over $3 Billion USD in just eleven years since being an agent in brand management, distribution, media, and marketing for the world's top stars since starting my career in 2006 at SMWW International.

*I Created the following athlete brands with various companies. I am also always ten steps ahead of my competitors such as Octagon, Lagardere, CAA and WME-IMG with unique innovation. I never once have used my disabilities as a crutch but rather as an avenue to be innovative and succeed: 

In 2004 I was the 2nd student to join a new  innovative social media site at the University Of Miami called "Facebook" which I saw as an outlet to eventually brand and recruit clients in sports and entertainment as well as network with professionals.

In 2006 I procured lucrative appearances for Zach and Paige Railey.

From 2007 - 2012 I was the very first agent to use social media as a medium to recruit, brand and get engagements and appearances for my clients.

From 2006 - 2012 I was the only agent to use Myspace as a way of innovation to recruit and get clients in athletes, models and celebrities appearances in nightlife using social media to network with the top promoters nationwide in nightlife.

In 2007 I signed many lucrative MMA sponsorship deals and top MMA teams Brazilian Top Team, Team Bombsquad and American Top Team with my ex-associate David Gottesmann.

In 2007 I procured Julia Cohen a wildcard into the Sony Ericsson Open on a #490 WTA ranking (Nearly impossible for any agent to accomplish.)

In 2007 I procured Josh Cohen a wildcard into US Open Series Cincinnati ATP Event (Could not attend due to lack of flights out the night before.)
In 2008 I Created, invested in and implemented the Tim Hardaway Foundation, Inc. a Florida non-profit helping create positive opportunities for poor disadvantaged and minority youth in the Miami area which rebounded the post career of the most hated man in sports, and also indirectly led to the big three on the Miami Heat (Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh), Tim Hardaway's job as head of player scouting, and his jersey number retirement. This also won the Miami Heat two NBA world championships and made two NBA finals appearances.
In 2013 I procured JLR Racing Wear - Red Chapter Clothing for Nascar's Joey Licata.
In 2013 I procured Simply Zina Skin Care - for tennis legend Zina Garrison.
In 2009 I procured the youngest athlete trading card deal in sports history for Alexus Jones with Leaf/ Ace Authentic at 11 years old. Did a 100,000$ contract with Bolle eyewear too for Alexus along with lucrative deals, with Wilson, Red Chapter Clothing, NBC, Etc.
2013 I did Over Rev'd Healthy Energy Shots with RT LLC for Nascar Driver Joey Licata Jr.
In 2015 I procured the deal for Crave The W - ATP Tennis Legend Van Winitsky' Supplements Brand.

In 2011 I procured WTA player Shikha Uberoi apparel deal with Red Chapter Clothing.
In 2013 I procured Christine Wong of LPGA Tour's endorsement deals - USANA, Red Chapter, Miura Golf, etc.
In 2011 I procured Ksenia Pervak of WTA deals with Fila, Red Chapter Clothing, including mass media.
In 2012 I procured Kichenok Twins of WTA deals with Wilson.
From 2010 - 2012 I procured Sam Harrison of ATP Tour endorsements with Prince, Topspin, Red Chapter, Oakley, USANA, etc.. Did interviews with NBC and ABC News, etc. 

In 2016 I Procured a capital injection deal for Local Choice Spirits as well as created Nirvana Coconut Rum with LCS in a partnership deal with SMG.

In 2017 I created B1G B Fashions with Rage On and Gear Launch.

In 2017 I created Van Winitsky Fashions with Rage On for tennis legend Van Winitsky.

In 2015 I created the concept for a future all kosher sparkling white wine brand called "A Wein By Jews."

In 2017 I did a partnership deal for SMG with Hawkdigz.

In 2017 I did a partnership deal with Rackfest (Deal Cancelled due to lack of cooperation by Rackfest.)

In 2017 I procured a lucrative record distribution deal for hip-hop artist "Young Mo" with Famous Records/ Universal.
From 2015 - Present I Procured my own lucrative branding deals with Amazon, etc. for my hit reality tv show B1G B. My brands with Local Choice Spirits, Gear Launch, Scenterprises, Rackfest, Rage On, Etc.

In 2016 I completed an endorsement deal for myself to be a celebrity spokesman driver for the new facebook charitable video game Track Boss.

In 2017 I completed a deal with Dreadheadz Productions for B1G B Season II  and B1G B Shorts Comedy Clips to be produced and distributed thru Amazon Prime Video, Etc.

In 2017 I completed a lucrative deal with Exporters India to distribute and sell all our product line offerings at SMG and Mezey Holdings in celebrity brands on a mass scale globally in Asia, Europe, America's, Middle East and Australia.

In 2018 I sued Twitter for various violations against the ADA, autism discrimination, tortious interference, and censorship in free speech violations.

In 2018 I sued the ATP World Tour for ADA violations, autism discrimination, tortious interference, and much more against SMG and myself to hopefully put a stop to tennis business corruption.

In 2018 I procured my own podcast on the Gonzo Shitcock Podcast Network with the help of a long time fan of mine (Deal Cancelled Due To Lack Of Cooperation By Network Management.)

In 2018 I procured my own brand of CBD Oil and Hemp Oil products for vapers.

In 2018 I procured acclaimed podcast host and comedian Anthony Rogers his own brand with Rage On (Deal Canceled Due To Dropping Mr. Rogers as a client for psychological abuse upon Mr. Mezey by Mr. Rogers unethical behavior).

In 2018 I teamed up with mega social influencer Miggy from the smash hit YouTube channel MGTOW 101 to create a new business model for our own podcast network with distribution by TuneCore.Com to tunein radio, i heart media, itunes, google play, amazon, spotify, and many more leading internet radio outlets to reach our combined existing and established fan bases of over 30 Million global loyal followers.

In 2018 I partnered with several major upcoming brands and iconic businessmen (TBA) for Mezey Holdings, Corp. IPO on OTC Markets.

In 2018 I created three new unique mindset companies for content distribution.

In 2018 I created Fuck Yeah Records with TuneCore as a distribution partner.

In 2018 I created "the social jet" a new social media network that is non-politically biased or full of censorship where all people can feel welcomed to compete with facebook and twitter.

In 2018 I launched a new tennis tour to compete with the ATP and WTA Tours called "the tour of champions."

In 2018 I acquired a 40% equity ownership stake in Beach Tennis USA (US Governing Body Of Beach Tennis Under The International Tennis Federation guidance and leadership with Jim Lorenzo.)

Community Service Activism:

In 1990 I co-founded the Dave & Mary Alper JCC Special Needs Program.

In 1992 I was awarded unsung hero award for my assistance in the aftermath of hurricane Andrew by Williamson Cadillac of Miami, FL.

in 1998 I was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout by the Boy Scouts Of America.

In 1998 I received letters of commendation from the president of the United States, US Attorney General, US Congress, US Senate, the Governor of State Of Florida, Florida Supreme Court, Florida Attorney General, Etc.

In 2007 I completed the Coral Gables citizens police academy training giving me the title of Mobile Patrol Officer.

In 2008 I founded the Tim Hardaway Foundation for NBA legend Tim Hardaway.

In 2008 I was sworn in as a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and US Department Of Homeland Security.

In 2013 I received a letter of good moral character and community service commendation from the Coral Gables, FL. Police Department in Officer Michael Hearns.

In 2014 I became the cert chief, citizens auxiliary, and citizen corps council director for FSPD a sponsored NGO and citizen corps council #65602 by the Coral Gables Police Department with FEMA and DHS.

In 2017 I assisted during and in the aftermath of hurricane Irma in Miami, FL. with EMS, law enforcement and crime prevention activities helping keep the community safe and secure as well as at a shelter assisting in saving lives, feeding people with disabilities, assisting disabled veterans, assisting special needs populations, etc. I was praised by the state of Florida director of the health department for my swift actions in assisting and in saving lives with MDFR.

In 2017 I officially incorporated FSPD, acquired the status of NGO and non-profit with the State of Florida and US Government as a federal contracted agency entity.

In 2017 I had FSPD become a national security contracted NGO to the US Government registered with SAM.GOV.

In 2017 I assisted with two FBI  criminal investigations and one SEC civil investigation by providing much needed evidence, assistance, and services to the US Government.

in 2018 I had FSPD become a United Nations registered and partnered NGO international organization under DESA civil society for social and economic assistance and acquired our board members NGO Diplomatic status with the United Nations as an international organization and mission.

*I have procured and negotiated thousands of contracts over my career. The above is just a small sample list of deals I have accomplished.