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"That Barry Mezey is like the real Ari Gold and Jerry Maguire of sports and celebrity management." Mike Sherman, Host Of On The Mike With Mike Sherman, The CW Network.

"Barry is the best agent I could ever ask for. He's very personable, is always available for my personal needs 24/7/365, is very creative, forward thinking and is unlike any other agent I've ever talked to or dealt with in tennis. I personally see now why many of the world's top rising stars sign, with Barry, and how much, Barry loves his career, is very passionate about my needs while, being my personal mentor and brother guiding me to the success I've received and have seen on the ATP World Tour." ATP Tour Tennis Player, Sam Harrison.

"I would like to personally say thank you to Barry the best agent in the world for taking me straight to the top of the tennis business notoriety wise in one year and guiding me to becoming the 2011 US Open Qualifying Champion in the Southwest United States and acquiring me all of my lucrative sponsors, deals and appearances in the media." ATP Tour Tennis Player, Sam Harrison.

"Barry is one of the best and most talented rising young gun agent's in the business." Scoop Malinowski, Sports Writer And Journalist for Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, and Tennis-Prose.Com.

"Barry, I think Jerry Maguire should want to be you." D.D. Jones Father of SMG Client Alexus Jones and the next tennis prodigy of famous tennis father Richard Williams.

"Barry even on a bad day, you're better than your competitors on a good day" D.D. Jones.

"Barry don't blow up too big now. I like the boutique style firm with SMG and the personal attention we get from you and SMG." D.D. Jones.

"Barry thank you! The Wilson deal you acquired for Alexus means a lot to our family and Alexus really enjoys her new Wilson racket and products you acquired for her." D.D. Jones.

"Barry you pulled off a great job with the NBC Sports interview for Alexus and we are very grateful to you and thank you for being our agent." D.D. Jones.

"Barry you are the one of the best publicists and agent's I have ever seen, you always produce, know how to represent and make a star, and we are grateful to work with you." 
M.M., Tennis Marketing Fila.

"Barry, good luck with SMG I'm looking forward to a great partnership." Olympic Silver Medalist And ISAF World Champion, Zachary Railey.

"Barry you are the best agent I could ever ask for." Pan American Games Gold Medalist , 2006 Rolex Female Sailor Of The Year And ISAF World Champion, Paige Railey.

"Happy 30th Birthday Bar Bar. The best tennis agent ever." WTA Tour Player, Shikha Uberoi.

“Barry to put it simply is the man! He works with many people in the sports and entertainment field, developing talent and securing deals with various companies. He is a joy to work with and gets the job done.” Brian Mills, CEO 3PSGE.

"Thank you Barry you are the best tennis agent. That's why you rock! I haven't told you that in a while, but you do! Thanks Bar Bar" WTA Tour Player, Shikha Uberoi.

"Superstar Management Group Incorporated combines a mega-international star power pulling draw where a single multi-talented agency holds all the cards, as they get to call every shot to their demanding desire. How else do you seriously think they were able to reach the uninterrupted levels of perfectness without missing a single beat?" Xomba.Com.

"Barry, thanks for everything you did for me and good luck with your agency in SMG" 2009 Junior Australian Open Champion and WTA Player Ksenia Pervak .

“Barry is a credit to his company and a pleasure to work with, i would certainly recommend Barry to any of my clients.” Liam Brinksworth, Vice-President Sponsorship Bidder .

“Barry is a natural leader.” James Heintz, Director Of Football Operations Elite Sports Agency .

“Barry is great. Clever, amicable, trustworthy. Someone who always gets the job done and has fun while doing it.” Phil Barone, Social Media And Networking Guru.

"Barry, thanks for everything you do for us." WTA Tennis Sisters The Kichenok Twins.